Preparazione Tè Matcha: come si prepara un perfetto tè matcha

The Art and Ceremony of Preparing Matcha Tea

The preparation of Matcha tea follows a precise "ceremony," a truly fascinating and tradition-rich ritual.

There are many interesting videos on this topic that highlight the importance of this ancient ritual in preparing Matcha tea. Observing this ceremony can deepen your love for Matcha tea, witnessing the care and sacredness with which this beneficial elixir is prepared.

Indeed, it is called the elixir of Buddhist monks and is their favorite beverage. Ideal for meditating and relaxing while staying focused, the nutritional properties in Matcha green tea make you relaxed yet active and concentrated. The benefits of a single cup of Matcha tea can last up to 6 hours.

The Tea Ceremony

Cha no yu (meaning "hot water for tea"), known as the tea ceremony, is a social and spiritual rite in Japan. Only ceremonial-grade Matcha green tea is used, which is the highest quality grade.

The preparation of Matcha tea involves suspension, preserving all its organoleptic properties. The fine, intense green powder is dissolved directly in hot water with the help of a chasen, a bamboo whisk, ideal for mixing this type of tea without forming lumps and making it very creamy.

This ceremony takes place in a special room called chashitsu, which must be dimly lit, giving it an atmosphere full of charm and sacredness. The tea ceremony is based on four fundamental Zen principles:

  1. Harmony, which includes the host-guest relationship.

  2. Respect, which must be recognized for every individual and is fundamental for communion with what surrounds us.

  3. Purity, as cleaning the tea room, the host also tidies up themselves.

  4. Tranquillity, as drinking tea in contemplation brings one closer to a state of sublime serenity.

Necessary Tools for Preparing Matcha Tea

To savor perfect Matcha green tea according to the dictates of the Japanese tea school, you will need some traditional tools:

  • Chawan: The ideal bowl for preparing this tea. A wide bowl made of ceramic or terracotta whose colors enhance the intense green of the beverage.

  • Chashaku: Also called Bamboo Scoop, it is a tea scoop that collects the right amount of Matcha tea for a cup, about 1 gram or half a teaspoon.

  • Chasen: Also known as Whisk, it is a wide bamboo whisk ideal for mixing the tea powder evenly without altering its flavor.

Traditional Preparation of Matcha Tea

There are two ways to drink Matcha tea:

  1. Koicha – a stronger, more concentrated version.

  2. Usucha – the more common way.

For Koicha, use 3 chashaku for about 40 ml of water at 70°/80°C. For Usucha, use 1 chashaku for 80 ml of water at 70°/80°C, whisking vigorously to create a nice froth.

Non-Traditional Ways to Prepare Matcha Tea

You can also prepare Matcha in unconventional ways using a jar, a plastic bottle, or a cocktail shaker. The proportion remains the same, 1 chashaku for about 80 ml of water, which can be hot or cold.

Preparing Matcha Tea: Hot or Cold Water?

The season can greatly influence your choice. In winter, hot Matcha tea is preferred, offering a creamier consistency and slightly more bitterness. In summer, a fresh beverage made with cold water changes the aromatic profile and makes the tea less bitter, ideal for beginners.

Matcha pairs well with fruit syrups, honey, or even tequila for a cocktail.

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