Candela per massaggi con Olio di Cocco: un intenso momento di relax

DIY Coconut Oil Massage Candle for Valentine's Day

A coconut oil massage candle could be an original Valentine's Day gift, just to “oblige” your partner to reciprocate the gesture with a nice relaxing massage.

It's amazing how easy it is to prepare. A mixture of waxes, oils, and essential oils that melt at low temperatures, providing a magical and intense moment of relaxation.

In this way, the body will fully absorb all the beneficial properties of coconut oil, making the skin soft and velvety.

Coconut oil is truly a boon for our skin, both body and face.

Moreover, it is possible to personalize the Coconut Oil Massage Candle according to your tastes and preferences by choosing your favorite essential oils.

Ingredients: These are the ingredients you will need to prepare the Coconut Oil Massage Candle:

  • 40g beeswax (soy wax can also be used)

  • 35g Coconut Oil

  • 25g Shea Butter

  • 15g Sweet Almond Oil

  • 10 drops of your favorite essential oil

It is important to use only quality ingredients and essential oils, avoiding synthetic fragrances or flammable aromatic extracts containing alcohol.The essential oils must have a melting point higher than 65°C.Additionally, you need a glass or small aluminum container and a natural cotton wick.

Procedure: Preparing this Coconut Oil Massage Candle is really very easy, let’s go through the steps together:

  1. Melt the wax and shea butter in a bain-marie and mix well.

  2. Add the sweet almond oil and coconut oil and continue to mix.

  3. Finally, add the essential oil drops. You can also use multiple types of essential oils together.

  4. Remove from heat and let cool for a moment.

  5. Pour the mixture into the jar*, making sure the wick is standing upright in the center.

  6. Let it cool overnight in the fridge.

*It is necessary to use a glass jar with a wide opening to make it easier to pour the mixture inside.

Beeswax has a high melting point (70°-72°C), while soy wax melts at 52°-55°C, but mixed with shea butter and vegetable oils, it will lower, becoming a warm massage oil that can be safely poured onto your body.

Just stick to the indicated quantities and do not increase the percentage of beeswax in the formula.

Tips: It is possible to personalize the Coconut Oil Massage Candle with candle-appropriate fragrances that will have an ideal smoke point and will not burn when subjected to high temperatures.

Or you can use essential oils according to your needs and tastes.

If you want a more relaxing massage oil, you can choose:

  • Peppermint essential oil activates blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Rosemary essential oil helps relieve contracted muscles, and is used for example for migraines, but also in the treatment of cellulite (2 drops recommended).

  • Lavender essential oil has important relaxing properties and a strong healing power, accelerating healing processes.

If you want a more sensual and warm massage, you need to choose essential oils that can give a real aphrodisiac effect:

  • Cinnamon or rose essential oil.

  • Sage, sandalwood, or patchouli.

  • Ginger or ylang ylang essential oil.

It is important to avoid essential oils during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Coconut Oil Massage Candle needs at least 10-15 minutes to melt and be used.

It is preferable to extinguish the candle when using it for the massage and make sure that the temperature is not too high before pouring it onto the body.

It keeps for about 3 months.

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