Gelato all’Açai, la ricetta dell’estate!

Refreshing Açai Ice Cream Recipe for Hot Summer Days

After Matcha popsicles, here's another perfect recipe for hot summer days: Açai Ice Cream!

Açai is a bluish-purple berry, similar to a blueberry, that comes from a palm tree botanically known as Euterpe oleracea. It has significant properties: it's antioxidant-rich, aids in digestive health due to its high fiber content, and plays a role in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Açai berries have a pleasant taste, resembling a mix between blueberries and chocolate. Its pulp is processed into a beautiful purple powder, which can be used to make beverages, smoothies, and a variety of recipes.

Açai Ice Cream is a fresh and delicious treat that can be enjoyed as a nutritious snack or a dessert after a light meal.

Açai Ice Cream: The Recipe

A refreshing and hydrating ice cream with a rich flavor that's easy to prepare.


  • 130 g raw cashews

  • 125 ml coconut plant-based milk

  • 2 bananas, sliced

  • 100 g fresh blueberries

  • 2 tablespoons NaturaleBio Açai powder

  • For garnish: Fresh blueberries, NaturaleBio cacao nibs, and mint leaves.


  1. The night before, freeze the sliced bananas and blueberries. Soak the cashews in the coconut milk and refrigerate overnight.

  2. Blend the soaked cashews with the coconut milk until smooth.

  3. Strain the mixture and return it to the blender.

  4. Gradually add the frozen bananas and blueberries, blending until the fruit is well incorporated and the mixture is smooth and creamy.

  5. If the ice cream is too soft, place it in the freezer to reach the desired consistency.

  6. Serve in bowls, garnished with fresh blueberries, mint leaves, and cacao nibs for a crunchy touch!


  • If you don't like coconut, you can use any other plant-based milk like almond, rice, or oat.

  • If you don't like bananas, you can achieve similar creaminess with other frozen fruits like strawberries or apricots.

  • To make the ice cream sweeter, you can sweeten the mixture with cane sugar, maple syrup, or Manuka honey.

  • To prevent banana slices from sticking together in the freezer, follow these steps:

    1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

    2. Place the banana slices separated on the sheet.

    3. Freeze the slices and then transfer them to a freezer bag to save space.

This Açai Ice Cream can also serve as a refreshing summer version of an açai bowl base, decorated with your favorite fresh fruits, nuts, or seeds.


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