Maca Peruviana: funziona davvero?

The Benefits of Peruvian Maca: Does It Really Work?

Peruvian Maca is an extraordinary plant. We have already highlighted its properties, especially as a superfood that provides energy and vitality, but does it really work?

In Peru, maca has been used for centuries as a dietary supplement to improve health and for its "extraordinary" qualities in boosting energy and fertility. In recent decades, interest and demand for maca have grown worldwide, increasingly appreciated as an adaptogenic and tonic remedy capable of combating physical and mental fatigue, particularly in the sports field.

Recently, however, maca has become the focus of scientific interest, especially as an alternative remedy for addressing reproductive health issues in both men and women. Some studies suggest that Peruvian maca can improve fertility and sexual desire. But does it really work? Let's find out.

Does Peruvian Maca Really Work on Fertility?

Maca belongs to the genus Lepidium meyenii in the Brassicaceae family. The main edible part of the maca plant is the underground tuber, similar to radish or turnip. It is cultivated at high altitudes in the Andes and can vary in size and color (white, black, red).

The main components of maca are carbohydrates and proteins, and it is an excellent source of essential amino acids, iron, and calcium. It is available in both capsule and powder form, ideal for use in both sweet and savory recipes.

The first to conduct studies on maca related to fertility was the famous Peruvian biologist Gloria Chacon de Popovici, initially conducted exclusively on animals. Only recently have various studies been conducted on humans, focusing on fertility, hormonal regulation, and many other aspects of sexual health.

A systematic review of all studies conducted on the subject shows that the data is quite encouraging but still insufficient to establish whether Maca can truly influence male and female fertility. Further research is necessary to delve deeper into the topic. The total number of studies and the sample size in primary studies are too limited to draw definitive conclusions.


So, does maca really work? We can say that, as of today, health claims cannot be fully supported from a scientific perspective. What is certain is that it is a true superfood rich in nutrients and micronutrients essential for our body.

It is known and appreciated mainly as a tonic-adaptogen that helps combat physical and mental fatigue, increases our body's adaptability to stressors, and provides energy and vitality... so why not give it a try?


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