Kintsugi: cosa ci insegna l’arte giapponese di riparare con l’oro

The Art of Kintsugi: Embracing Imperfections with Gold

Eastern philosophy has much to teach us, with its ancient roots and focus on the spiritual and symbolic. In this sense, the Japanese technique of repairing pottery called kintsugi becomes an approach to life worth cherishing. Let’s see what it is and what personal improvement insights we can draw from it.

What is Kintsugi and How is it Practiced?

Kintsugi or kintsukuroi, literally translated, means “to repair with gold.” It is an ancient DIY technique, primarily used with ceramic objects, which are cherished in Japanese tradition.

Think of the bowls used in the traditional tea ceremony, which every family carefully preserves and treats with care. If a piece of the tea set were to fall and break, the Japanese mentality does not consider throwing it away and replacing it, as is typical of a certain consumerist Western culture.

On the contrary, what is broken can be recovered and made even more beautiful, precious, and unique than before, thanks to the use of special glues and lacquers made from precious materials such as gold and silver.

The cracks and breaks between the various pieces of ceramic, once reassembled, become golden veins, a shining network that radiates light and beauty. This signifies that imperfections and scars should not be covered or hidden; instead, they should be highlighted and emphasized.

We Are Not "Broken," We Are in Constant Transformation

This is why kintsugi is considered the perfect metaphor for the concept of resilience, which we recently discussed.

In an abstract sense, that teacup is us, with our wounds, our voids, the breaks of body and soul that life leaves on us, day after day. These elements, although they may seem negative at first glance, are actually what make us who we are. We are the synthesis of our experiences, both positive and negative.

We are not our scars, but our scars help define who we are. And they make us better. If we know how to "fix" and "repair" ourselves with positivity and self-awareness (with gold, in a sense), then we will emerge changed, stronger, unique, and unrepeatable compared to everyone else.

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