Come aprire un’erboristeria: sogni nel cassetto per il 2022

How to Open a Herbalist Shop: Your Guide to a Thriving Business

We recently discussed how 2021 was a year of significant professional and personal resolutions for many. The YOLO approach, meaning the desire to do something we love because we only live once, led many people to leave unfulfilling jobs and dive headfirst into new ventures.

Are you wondering how to open a herbalist shop? If it has been your dream for a long time, now might be the right time to start gathering information.

The good news is that the natural food and superfood sector is growing: the pandemic has led people in the Western world to take their health more seriously, starting with what they eat and what they put in their shopping carts.

That's why opening a herbalist shop, choosing the right place and the right products, can be a good investment as well as a wonderful professional adventure.

Studies and Certifications Required Depending on the Goods Sold

The first advice is to put yourself in the hands of a professional. An excellent accountant specialized in small and medium-sized enterprises or a trade association can give you all the necessary guidance.

Opening your own business is not something to be taken lightly: regulations and bureaucracy are stringent. Everything must be done according to the rules to avoid delays in opening or even subsequent fines.

Generally speaking, it is possible to know what type of degree or certification is necessary depending on the type of herbalist shop you want to open.

  • If it is a herbal laboratory where tinctures and oils will be produced from medicinal plants, then a specific degree, being a pharmacist or a herbalist, is necessary.

  • If it is a retail outlet for packaged products from existing natural brands, then a professional sales qualification will suffice. In particular, if they are food products related to specific diets or intolerances, it may be necessary to have studied nutrition.

  • If it is a sales point dedicated to pre-packaged products, cosmetics, and household detergents, then no particular qualifications will be needed, just the sales license.

You will need to open a VAT number for the business and register with the local Chamber of Commerce, INPS, and INAIL.

How to Open a Herbalist Shop: Choosing the Location and Products

Once you have obtained the permits and completed the bureaucratic process, the most operational and interesting part remains. That is, choosing where you want to open your herbalist shop and what “tone” to give to the business.

The first point is crucial for the success of the business, the location. Having a shop inside a shopping center, in a hidden alley, or on a busy street gives different visibility to your showcase.

Of course, you will also have to consider the rental or purchase costs of the shop to determine the size you can afford and the area within your investment reach.

As for the product selection, it is up to you to decide if you want to have all the major brands already known in the sector or if you prefer to do more in-depth research to find real "gems" for your customers.

The only advice, in this case, is to put your heart into it: offer only products that you would use or actually use for yourself, as quality and good faith are always noticeable!

Finally, choose furnishings and window displays that reflect you but also make customers feel comfortable. Yes to relaxing green tones or warm but not loud colors, like shades of ocher and orange. Yes to natural materials like wood and pay great attention to sustainability, avoiding plastics whenever possible.

The window display is a beautiful business card because you can unleash your creativity to highlight seasonal products. It also allows you to decorate it with window stickers that immediately show which brands you are affiliated with and which companies you are official resellers of.

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