Scrub con Olio di Cocco: l’esfoliante naturale che idrata e ringiovanisce la pelle

Coconut Oil Scrub: The Natural Exfoliant for Hydrated and Rejuvenated Skin

A coconut oil scrub recipe that makes your skin hydrated and velvety smooth.

Coconut oil is an incredible oil, with numerous beneficial properties not only for our internal health but also for making us radiant externally. Its versatile uses extend from food to cosmetics, where it is widely utilized.

In this article, we will discover how coconut oil can become the essential ingredient of a wonderful natural exfoliant capable of hydrating the skin while removing dead cells.

Recipe: Coconut Oil Scrub

This scrub with coconut oil helps eliminate dead cells, revitalizes and refreshes the skin, and makes it look younger. It can be used on the face as well as the entire body.


  • Two tablespoons of coffee

  • Two tablespoons of sugar (preferably brown or coconut sugar)

  • Three tablespoons of Coconut Oil

  • One teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)

Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar. Apply a few teaspoons on the face or body and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then, massage the skin in circular motions with the palm of your hand or fingers, allowing the sugar, coffee, and especially the coconut oil to deeply hydrate the skin and remove impurities from pores and dead skin.

This scrub can be used on the whole body and face. It is exceptional for ingrown hairs and facial imperfections, as the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil will deeply cleanse the area and promote healing processes.

This mixture contains many antioxidants; additionally, the coffee and sugar will naturally exfoliate the skin, while the coconut oil hydrates and softens it.

Beyond the Coconut Oil Scrub...

Pure and virgin coconut oil can be used in many ways:

  • Soothing on chapped hands or feet, especially in winter

  • As a natural hair conditioner

  • As a natural remedy against lice

  • As a natural antiparasitic for your pet

  • Great remedy for chapped lips

  • As a hair mask

  • As a whitening toothpaste in the practice of oil pulling

  • Excellent makeup remover

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