Olio di cocco: uso casalingo per pulizie eco-friendly

Coconut Oil: A Natural Ally for Home Cleaning

Coconut oil is a natural vegetable fat that can be used in cooking for all types of dishes. Perfect as a butter substitute in the preparation of sweets and cookies, it is also fantastic for adding an exotic touch to savory dishes with an oriental aroma.

Just as with other vegetable oils, such as EVO oil or sweet almond oil, coconut oil is increasingly being used as a natural beauty ally: an excellent makeup remover, nourishing moisturizer for both body and hair, natural balm, and much more...

But have you ever thought of using it as a home cleaning ally? Here are some tips on how to use coconut oil for household purposes, a 100% natural help for your home chores.

Coconut Oil for Shine:

To restore the shine to your wooden furniture, simply apply a few drops of coconut oil on a dry cloth and rub it on the surface. This is a less expensive and environmentally sustainable remedy compared to commercial “chemical” products designed for this purpose.

Coconut oil can also be used to polish cutlery, copper or iron pots, as well as silverware and jewelry, and it helps remove rust from steel.

A Natural Shoe Polish:

It can also be used to polish shoes or any leather items, such as bags or jackets. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth first and then rub with a soft cloth soaked in a few drops of coconut oil, and they will look like new!

For Faulty Locks and Noisy Hinges:

If the lock is faulty or the door squeaks, you can drip a few drops of coconut oil directly into the lock, on the hinge, or any other squeaky mechanism to eliminate that annoying noise.

Additionally, it is also very useful for lubricating faulty zippers on jeans, bags, or jackets!

Coconut Oil and Household Cleaning:

Coconut oil can also be used to clean bathroom surfaces, such as tiles and sanitary ware, to remove soap scum or water stains.

It is useful for removing stubborn stains from carpets or tablecloths when mixed with baking soda. Simply apply the mix directly to the stain and rub gently.

Some people even use coconut oil to polish their home's parquet flooring. In this case, the coconut oil should be rubbed on the floor, then polished with a soft cloth and left to dry for a couple of hours.

Coconut Oil as a Natural Repellent:

Thanks to the presence of lauric acid, coconut oil has a parasiticidal action that can be used in DIY natural repellents.

Moreover, it is useful in case of insect bites to soothe the itch and reduce swelling if applied directly to the bite.

Finally, coconut oil is believed to be very effective against lice compared to common anti-lice treatments and can also help pets by acting as a natural repellent to keep fleas away.

Other Tips for Using Coconut Oil at Home:

It helps to remove chewing gum from hair without resorting to scissors. Simply apply a few drops directly to the gum and remove it gently.

It can be used to effectively remove adhesives, which are often problematic to detach from surfaces. Mix coconut oil with baking soda, apply it to the adhesive, and let it sit before removing it with a damp cloth or sponge.

Finally, it can also be used to shine the leaves of houseplants or the interiors of your car.

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